Avian Field Technician

at Western Pennsylvania Conservancy/Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program


Northern Pennsylvania (WPC Office - Pittsburgh, PA)

Spring and Summer 2014 (10 weeks)

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It is unclear to what degree shale gas development will impact Pennsylvania’s native biological diversity, and more specifically the state’s rare plant and animal populations. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) is conducting a research project to assess the current ecological status of high value conservation areas across Pennsylvania which are threatened by shale gas development, focusing specifically on areas that support rare species or important habitats. One component of this study will evaluate the abundance and diversity of forest interior-dwelling species (FIDS) of birds within areas of high ecological value. Results will be used to assess the current status of FIDS at these sites and will serve as a baseline for future comparative studies to measure impacts from shale gas development. Job Description: One avian field technician is needed to conduct off-road point count surveys at a portion of study sites across Pennsylvania (primarily focused in northern PA). The successful applicant will be expected to complete up to 20 point-count surveys each morning, bush-whacking on foot to most point locations and navigating through rugged and sometimes dangerous terrain (i.e. rocks, insects, poison ivy, and rattlesnakes).

To Apply:
To Apply: Send resume, cover letter, and contact information for three references to wpcjobs@paconserve.org and list Avian Field Technician in the subject line of the email.Questions regarding the position should be directed to David Yeany, Conservation Planning Specialist/Ornithologist, at (412) 586-2313.

Qualifications: The position requires good knowledge and experience with identification by sight and (primarily) sound of northeastern U.S. land birds. Afternoons may include data-entry. Additional field work may include rapid vegetation and disturbance assessments. Must be able to work well independently, but also communicate closely with WPC staff and supervisor. Hotel lodging and vehicle expenses will be covered by WPC. Valid U.S. driver’s license required. Experience with avian survey techniques and forest birds of the northeastern U.S. Ability to walk long distances and work long hours in cool, hot, or wet spring/summer weather conditions. Completed or pursuing B.S. degree in Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Biology, or related field. Pay: $12-$13 per hour; 40 hour work-week, plus expenses.

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