Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

from mid September to mid or late December

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VOLUNTEER FIELD RESEARCH ASSISTANTS NEEDED to aid in investigating dominance hierarchies and breeding biology of a joint-nesting cuckoo species, the Smooth-Billed Ani (Crotophaga ani). Three assistants are sought to carry out a variety of field tasks in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico from mid September to mid or late December. The research which volunteer efforts will supplement is carried out through McMaster University, and specifically, the laboratory of Dr. Quinn. Participation will provide valuable field experience in biology and avian behavioral ecology that may prove useful for future graduate work. Airfare to and from San Juan or Mayaguez, Puerto Rico WILL NOT be provided, however ground transportation (in P.R), accommodation and food expenses WILL be included for successful candidates. DUTIES: In brief, assistants will take part in mist netting and nest trapping, banding, blood sampling and measuring of adult birds and nestlings, video recording, monitoring behaviour in response to experimental predatory cues, locating of nests, GPS mapping, documenting sightings of previously banded individuals and nest checks. Select tasks will require assistants to climb ladders up to 32’ and carry equipment of moderate weight. Working hours will include early to late mornings and mid to late afternoons with mid-day periods off (one day off per week).

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To apply for this position, please email JOSHUA ROBERTSON (EM: roberjk@mcmaster.ca) with the following documents attached to the email: a resume, cover-letter, personal contact information and contact information for a minimum of two references. Selected candidates will be contacted by email to organize Skype or phone interviews.

QUALIFICATIONS: Previous field experience – particularly with birds - and a strong background in animal biology is preferred though not required. We seek applicants whom are physically fit and comfortable with working outdoors in dry heat, capable of working from ladders and working effectively as part of a team. Enthusiasm, organizational skills, ability to problem solve, and readiness to learn and participate are obligatory. Finally, ownership of a valid drivers license and experience using manual transmission are an asset.

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